Welcome to W.T. Johnson & Sons, one of the world's leading textile dyeing and finishing companies. Our website will give you an insight into our company, its ethos and its expertise. Through a combination of craftsmanship and innovative technology, we are able to create high quality finishes on an ever increasing range of fabrics, from the finest gentlemen’s worsted suiting to specialised safety clothing and upholstery fabrics. If you’d like to know more, please contact us. 






<h1>PERFECT LOCATION</h1><p>Creating the worlds best finishes from our unique location.</p> <h1>FINEST WORSTED SUITING</h1><p>...given the WTJohnson finishing touch</p> <h1>HUDDERSFIELD</h1><p>The Pennine landscape is integral to our finishes.</p> <h1>ACHIEVING ISO 14001</h1><p>We are proud to have recently achieved ISO 14001, take a look at our environmental overview and see how our forward thinking is decreasing our carbon footprint, adding even more quality to the finishes we produce. </p>